Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Screenings in Europe

A short series of screenings for Making Faces is scheduled for August 30-September 16. Starting with the Festival of Letters in Ljubljana, Slovenia and ending with the ATypI conference in Reykjavik, Iceland. Each screening will feature and introduction and Q&A session with director Richard Kegler.

Aug 30-11 - Festival of Letters - Ljubljana, Slovenia (subtitled in Slovenian)
(Sponsored by Tiporenesansa)

Sept 02-11 - Budapest, Hungary (subtitled in Hungarian)
(Sponsored by font.hu)

Sept 05-11 - Prague, Czech Republic
(Sponsored by Typo and Scrape Sound)

Sept 08-11 - Das Film Café - Berlin, Germany
(Sponsored by FontShop/FontFont and Mota Italic)

Sept 12-11 - - Copenhagen, Denmark
(Sponsored by Royal Danish Academy / Danish Faces

Sept 16-11 - ATypI Conference - Reykjavik, Iceland