Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fabricación de Caras

Making Faces will include subtitles in several languages. Because of the focus of the subject matter may limit the audience of this film, we do want it to still be accessible to type and design communities in many countries that have type founding traditions. We are working with various experts in the typography world to provide subtitle options in languages that may ultimately include: Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Russian, Greek, Czech & Brazilian Portuguese. We will not be using Babelfish.

Monday, October 11, 2010

November Screenings

Making Faces will be screened in early November in Two Rivers, Wisconsin and Seattle, Washington. Both screenings will feature a Q&A session from film maker Richard Kegler.

The Hamilton Woodtype Museum in Two Rivers is presenting their second annual Wayzgoose Conference Nov 5-7 with a great array of speakers and ending with a screening of Making Faces.

The Seattle screenings are part of the Type Americana Conference and in conjunction with the Northwest Film Forum on Nov 12 and 13.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two Jim Rimmer Films

The Making Faces project was originally intended as a "how-to" film on type making with some definite glimpses of the character and personality of Jim Rimmer. It was shot with the intention of being a first person description of the process, from Jim with no narrator and no additional interviews. The most common question I get from people who have seen the unfinished cuts of the film is asking to see and know more about Jim as a person. Within the confines of the footage I shot and the subject matter of conveying Jim's process (both creative and technical) within an hour-long film, there is much material that could not be included. This compromise was tempered easily by a companion film that has been in production concurrently along with Making Faces.

From Lead to Gold: Portrait of Jim Rimmer
, by Ryan Mah covers a much more intimate portrayal of Jim as a person and craftsman. Interviews with friends and colleagues help flush out anecdotes that Jim would be much too humble to ever express himself. Ryan's film is slated for a late 2011 release. We hope to arrange joint screenings of the two films to give a more complete depiction of Jim and his Art.