Saturday, September 24, 2011

New Screenings and a new Festival

Making Faces has proven to not just be for die-hard letterpress or type enthusiasts. The screenings for the film have been somewhat deliberately low-key and applying to festivals has been an intentionally neglected part of the process. That is not to say that the film would not play well among other independent films and documentaries, in fact the general audience response has been tremendous. But the screenings have been focused towards design audiences and a variety of unconventional venues mainly because that was the primary audience the film was intended for and resources are too limited to engage in wider "pitching" of the film. The director Q&A sessions have been a good way to really get a sense of what people think about the film, and a few more will happen on the West Coast of North America through October. Screenings with Director Q&A include:

October 04-11 - San Francisco, CA
(Sponsored by TypeKit, Communication Arts Magazine and Dependable Letterpress)

October 21-11 - Vancouver, BC
(Sponsored by Simon Fraser University and the Alcuin Society)

October 25-11 - Victoria, BC
(Sponsored by Vancouver Island Chapter Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC))

October 27-11 - Seattle, WA
(Sponsored by AIGA)

October 29-11 - Portland, OR
(Sponsored by Extensis, CC Stern type foundry, Museum of Contemporary Craft, KeeganMeegan, Peet/Kegler)

The Festival circuit has been off the radar, however Making Faces was invited to be part of "A Design Film Festival" in Singapore this November. We are happy to add the laurel leaves to the list of venues for the film.

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