Sunday, June 12, 2011

Multi-Lingual Support

The Making Faces film has been getting some nice press, most recently and notably via Steven Heller's NY Times Graphic Content Blog

In advance of a series of screenings with director Q&A, there will be a subtitled version of the DVD made with 10 languages of subtitles. The support for this project has been tremendous and the generous amount of translation work from the international typographic community is truly amazing. I would like to thank each translator for their time commitment and dedication to see this preserved for posterity in many languages. In no specific order...huge thanks go to:
(Greek) Klimis Mastoridis and Niki Sioki / University of Nicosia
(Russian) Alexandra Korolkova / Paratype
(Italian) Sandro Berra / Tipotecha Italiana
(French) Patrick Griffin / Canadatype
(Portuguese-BR)Henrique Beier /
(Hungarian) Robert Kravjanszki /
(Slovenian) Denis Debevec and Marko Drpić / Festival of Letters
(Spanish) Juan Agustin "Txus" Marcano Torres / Unostiposduros
(Dutch) Yves Peters / FontShop
(German) Jay Rutherford and Gaby Kosa / Bauhaus Universität Weimar


  1. Yes, but you’ll need legitimate English-language captioning (not subtitling, captioning), which can’t be outsourced or crowdsourced and which you’ll have to pay for.

  2. Thank you f254147e-475c-11e0-baf8-000bcdcb5194 for the helpful input.

  3. Just saw a screening at the International Printing Museum in Carson, California. Great job! Congrats!