Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Two Jim Rimmer Films

The Making Faces project was originally intended as a "how-to" film on type making with some definite glimpses of the character and personality of Jim Rimmer. It was shot with the intention of being a first person description of the process, from Jim with no narrator and no additional interviews. The most common question I get from people who have seen the unfinished cuts of the film is asking to see and know more about Jim as a person. Within the confines of the footage I shot and the subject matter of conveying Jim's process (both creative and technical) within an hour-long film, there is much material that could not be included. This compromise was tempered easily by a companion film that has been in production concurrently along with Making Faces.

From Lead to Gold: Portrait of Jim Rimmer
, by Ryan Mah covers a much more intimate portrayal of Jim as a person and craftsman. Interviews with friends and colleagues help flush out anecdotes that Jim would be much too humble to ever express himself. Ryan's film is slated for a late 2011 release. We hope to arrange joint screenings of the two films to give a more complete depiction of Jim and his Art.

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