Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kickstarter backer preview

The 30 minute preview shown in Berlin can be seen via the Kickstarter page if you are a Kickstarter backer of the project (even $1). Support has been great but since there are still 13 days to go and you can essentially pre-order the DVD, get a font or other various levels of backing and rewards, we will happily accept additional backers. A separate funding source fell through so this Kickstarter thing has been a great help to get the film done. Did I mention I like Kickstarter?


  1. Hello Richard,
    I have just discovered your project and am very excited. As a graphic designer who was trained in typography using metal type in the mid 1980's, to my current role as a graphic designer and educator who is largely governed by digital technology (albeit one who still prints with metal and wood for pleasure)- I want to see this film. I want to show it to my students who think nothing of downloading crapy freefonts and know nothing of the people, skill and technology who have been displaced by their magic desktop boxes. I try to explain, and show them all kinds of materials, equipment and processes, and they look on with mild indugence. I really applaud your efforts to make this film happen, and I am moved to think that this film will probably be a more lasting tribute to this almost forgotten profession, this character who has been shaped by it, and many, many others, who made their living making the apparatus that was used to inform or mislead everyones else's life.

    I want to buy a copy. I will have one, and encourage others to buy it too.

    Thankyou, for being in the right place at the right time.

    All the best, Christopher Skinner, Norfolk, England.

    Where can I buy it? I'm sorry to say that i'm not a backer (I have literally just watched the Youtube trailer) but I want to buy a copy.


  2. Thanks Christopher.
    DVDs will be for sale once it is finished (hopefully by the end of the year). I will post on this site and offer pre-orders once the kickstarter option has lapsed.